I used to take energy personally. I have learned to detach from it for the most part. I still slip up sometimes.  We need the two opposing forces of energy (negative and positive) to help us grow. If this journey was only positive there would be no incentive to find answers and solve problems. If this journey was only negative there would be no reason to try. The key is not to deny the negative energy in our lives and pretend everything is wonderful. It is to learn to control energy.

I don’t go for the philosophy of some spiritualists that like energy attracts like energy. That you only attract low vibrational energy if your vibration is low. I think we attract the energy we need to learn lessons for our growth.

I used to have two reactions when I was hit with negative energy.

What did I do wrong? Blaming myself or

Who or what is doing this to me? Blaming others

It was neither one of these. Nothing makes me get off my ass and figure stuff out like negative energy does. I would search for answers just to feel better. I learned a lot from these episodes. The universe knows that I will figure out how to solve problems if I am uncomfortable or suffering. Which is how we grow from negative energy. If we take that energy and have something positive come from it. We have then transmuted the energy. We are learning to control energy. This is what we are supposed to do. As we are all connected. When you do it for yourself, you do it for everyone. Just don’t take that energy lying down. Do something about it. We all are capable of controlling energy. No one needs to be a master of energy to do this. In fact you can become the master of your own energy. I will explain how.

Let’s say you wake up and feel negative. You were perfectly fine when you feel asleep. What could have happened while you slept?

Figure out where the energy is coming from.

Is it you? Did anything happen that could be making you feel this way?

Is it another person? Do you have any energetic cords on you? If you do usually its’s from the person in your thoughts.

Is it the collective consciousness? Has something happened in the world like a natural disaster? Something that would cause fear, suffering and panic.

Doing this helps you be able to discern your energy from other energy. A very good skill to have on your journey.

After you have figured out where the energy is coming from transmute it.

A had a phone conversation last week with someone upset and worrying a lot. I talked to her about how she was feeling and hung up. I then started worrying about whether I locked the front door? Was my house going to be broken into? Should I even go to work? I realized this was irrational thinking. It also knew it wasn’t my normal thinking pattern. So since it wasn’t my thinking pattern I checked for cords. I found one and removed it. My thinking went back to normal. I then called the person back and told her I experienced her thinking and I knew how she was suffering. We then talked about how to help her with her thinking. By the time we were done we both felt a lot better. This transmuted the energy.

I woke up this morning feeling terrible. Negative thinking full of panic, worry and doubt. This is not normal for me. I usually wake up pretty positive. After wallowing in it for a few hours. I began to search for answers. This wasn’t my energy or from another person. That leaves the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is the energy from everyone in on the earth. Picture it like scales. One scale is positive energy the other negative energy. People with negative emotions such as fear, suffering, hate, or jealousy feed the negative scale. People that are happy, joyful and full of love contribute to the positive side of the scale. That is why we are on our journey so we contribute to the positive scale. Hopefully balancing out the scales or even tipping it in our favor. After natural disasters or even man made ones like 9/11 the energy will feel heavy and negative. When this happens we need to transmute it. By bring out positive energy in ourselves.

Bringing out the positive energy is doing something that makes us feel good. Meditate, take a walk in nature, write, play an instrument, exercise, or talk to a friend.  Whatever cheers you up, that is what you should be doing. Take your mind to your happy place. You then transmuted the energy and tipped the scales. If you can drag yourself out of the negative space into a positive space. You have transmuted the energy. You have learned to control energy. You are on your way to mastering it. Once you master controlling your energy. Your life becomes a lot easier and smoother. You are just surfing the energy waves and you are a pro.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog soulsisterstruth.wordpress.com or dawnbailey7771gmail.com