This reading is for Lightworker’s. The reading is concentrating on the upcoming Event and our mission.  My  readings indicate it will be the 3rd week of March. We all know time is iffy to pin down. It constantly changes. I have been keeping up with it and in the last week the time has not changed.

I will tell which card, the position, the meaning and my interpretation. I used the Celtic Cross 10 card spread. I also used my new Steampunk deck with is very spiritual. Although I didn’t know it when I bought it a week ago.

My question for the reading was: A Message for Lightworker’s

3 of Cups   position representing Lightworker’s and also the present

A spontaneous unexpected joy or pleasure will happen. Lightworker’s will be brought together honoring each other, our past achievements, accomplishments and our future intentions.

I think describes how Lightworker’s will feel when The Event occurs. We will know what is happening and it will fill us with joy. Our bodies can handle the energy from The Event. We will in fact feel awesome because we will have confirmation as to what we have been working so hard and preparing for.

The Tower     The crossing energy at play

It will be an unexpected event that changes everything. Then the real work begins.

The Tower represents The Event.  Yes we have been working hard but, the real work we have been preparing for our whole lives begins now. The blood sweat and tears we shed on our journeys was all for this moment. We will instinctively know what to do. We will be there for each other and others.

4 of Wands (reversed)    The foundation of my question

There will be a period of transition with little stability or security. There will be a breakdown in communication and a lack of harmony in the world.

This is how the world will be. The condition of the world and after The Event. This is when our job begins. We will be providing stability and security to people. We will have the answers to what they want to know. What happened, why it happened and what to do about it. We will comfort people who will be very fearful and shocked.

The World      In the recent past position

Successful completion excellent job! Be proud of yourself. You have mastered everything you wanted to and needed to.

This we recently completed in the last few weeks. This phase of our mission we accomplished. We are completely ready and trained for the next phase of our mission.

8 of Pentacles (reversed)    this is the present

The time of learning is over we have all the skills we need.

This is a rest period for us. We have learned and mastered everything we needed to. It is now time to rest. In a few weeks we will be very busy.

6 of Swords     the near future

Leaving a situation behind with help. We are escaping a bad situation.

We will have help coming to us. We will not be left to suffer. We already have done all the suffering we needed to preparing for this.

Lovers    this represents our attitude

A love that even time will lie down and be still for. Our union will create something even more astonishing and more powerful than it would have ever been as individuals.

This is the Lightworker’s coming together finally. We will come together and spread love that is more powerful than we ever could have imagined. We were born for this. We were created for this moment. I also suspect since we have been kept pretty isolated. That we will meet our partners. Most likely Twinflames. After all a 144,000 is an even number.

9 of Cups (reversed)      this represents others attitudes

A lack of joy, dissatisfaction, greed and materialism.

The people around us will feel this way. They will only be concerned for themselves and be miserable. It will be our job to show them a different way of living. That there is another way.

9 of Wands (reversed)  this will be our hopes and fears since the card is reversed it will be fears

Lack of resources to deal with challenges.

Resources will be dwindling but we will always have what we need for our mission. If you look back you have never not had what you needed to accomplish missions. So have faith and trust in the Universe. The Universe always has our backs.

8 of Cups                  Outcome

Leaving something behind to search for something else. We haven’t been living our lives. we will now. We lived that life to gain knowledge for our real lives. We now take that knowledge and use it in our real life.

I don’t know about you but as a Lightworker I never felt I was living my true life. I was always yearning to be with my real family. I never felt like I belonged because I really didn’t belong in. We lived that false life of pain and suffering to gain the knowledge and training we needed. Our real lives are about to begin. We will finally be ourselves, with our real family, and where we have always belonged.


This is my spread for Lightworkers and for what is about to happen in the coming weeks. If any tarot readers out there want to duplicate my cards and positions. I would be very excited to hear how you interpret the spread. You can email me at or send it through the contact form. I love hearing from people and answering questions. I learn from everybody that contacts me. Each of us has information that fits together. We each hold a piece of the puzzle that fits together for the big picture.

Love and Light.

Dawn Bailey

I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog or email