Those of us in the 5th dimension and higher need to be vigilant about checking our energy daily. As those that are stuck in the 4th dimension are getting desperate for energy. Having not done the work they needed to, their energy is dwindling. Since they consciously chose to stay in the 4th either by laziness, ego, etc. They don’t have the personal energy to make it to the 5th dimension. They never went through the lightbody changes and upgrades to be able to sustain the energy they need. They are trying to latch on to others energy. They do this through energetic cords. It is not an accident like they will say if you catch them. It is very intentional. This lower vibrational energy will cause havoc for you.

Signs of having an energetic cord that is causing you harm are:

Having thoughts and feeling energy that isn’t your normal pattern. You suddenly feel jealous, paranoid or have anxiety which is out of character for you.

Feeling drained or even physically sick are signs of someone else’s energy is coming to you. Especially solar plexus area our power chakra. Pain in this area, gas and sudden diarrhea are signs that a lower vibrational energy is invading yours.

If you personally know the person you will probably be having intrusive constant thoughts about them. These thoughts will be negative in nature.

Every morning I get up and check my spiritual body condition. It seems like most these things happen when we sleep. What I check for:

Is my aura healthy? Any tears or rips that could leak energy?

Is my energy unfragmented and flowing smoothly?

Are my chakras balanced?

Do I need a soul retrieval? When our energy is invaded a protective measure our soul will take is to fragment. Pieces will go into the lower, middle, or upper world for safe keeping. Lower world would be a spirit animal, middle world an ancestor and upper world a divine being such as a spirit guide.

Do I have negative energy, cords or blocks?

It can be anyone

Please don’t think because someone is gifted they won’t resort to this. Just because someone is a reiki master, medium, physic, healer etc doesn’t mean they are high dimensional or not in need to take energy from someone. In my opinion these are the ones you need to watch out for the most, because they have the capabilities to cord people pretty easily. Even though someone is gifted doesn’t mean they did the work to keep the energy needed to sustain their gifts.  Anyone that made it to the 4th dimension can be gifted. If they chose to stay in the 4th and not do the work to progress to the higher dimensions. They can’t produce enough energy on their own to be able to keep up their act. So since they are never about doing the work they will try and latch onto someone that has. They are spiritual energy vampires and will suck your energy dry then move onto the next victim.

Please never willing let someone take energy from you. I did once and it was a mess. If you have found a cord on you. You must revoke all permission this person has to your energy. It is really just best to keep your energy to yourself and not share energy at all. If you are doing energy work, healings, and even readings cut all energetic cords with the client.

There are several ways to cut cords. If you are a vision person you can visualize the cord and cut it. If you are a feeling person like me, you can feel for it and cut it. There are cord cutting meditations that can help you also. One way I found for beginners is to draw yourself and the person you have cords with. Draw the cord between you and that person. Set the intention to cut all cords between you and then cut the cord and paper with scissors.

I am guilty of getting lazy about checking my energy. Since I feel energy pretty easily I thought I would feel any invaders. Until I got so physically sick I thought I had the stomach flu. I then found a cord on me and cut it. I instantly felt better all symptoms were gone. I then revoked all permission this person had to my energy. It is just best to do a daily check of your energy fields.

Check out any spiritually gifted person you have contact with. Don’t just let anyone have access to your energy. I was once in a facebook group where the admins were constantly posting about needing energy. Of course people commented and sent them energy. They were then using the energy to carry out psychic attacks. I also had a spiritual partner that had a form of spiritual Munchhausen Syndrome. She would psychically attack people she knew then come to their rescue and heal them. I  had a kundalini yoga teacher cord me and make me very sick. I helped a person that was corded by their reiki master teacher. I helped a person who had a reading done. Then the psychic who did the reading told her she sent her negative energy and would not remove it unless this woman did as she asked. I checked the woman there was nothing. I truly don’t think anything can surprise me anymore. When it comes to people desperate for energy and attention.

I recommend if you need a healing thoroughly check out the person. Read reviews and if possible go to someone in person that is reputable. For those on facebook never send or receive energy to someone you don’t know. I wince when I see posts like this. I only exchange energy with one person I have know for years that is on my spiritual level.  Even though I thoroughly trust this person we rarely do this.

I hope this information helped. Our journeys can be lonely at times. You are never really alone but it can feel that way.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: