I am going to discuss energy and the different frequencies in this blog. Most of us know that the whole Universe is energy. Some good some not so good. Energy can only travel in certain ways. The Universe is layers of dimensions. A lower frequency of energy cannot go up a dimension but a higher frequency can go down. So 3D energy can’t go to the 4th and 4D energy can’t go to the 5th and so on.

The 3rd dimension is Earth and where most of humanity is. Dimensions are levels of consciousness. When you value only what people look like and what they have. This is 3D consciousness. When your focus is obtaining things getting that new iphone, the best car and making the most money you can to buy these things. You are in the 3rd dimension operating from 3D consciousness. You are not going to be bothered by lower energies at this level because this is where the dark forces want you to be and stay.

The 4th dimension many can make it to the 4th but most stay stuck. Most do not make it out. This is where you receive your gifts, discover your abilities and skills. You begin to explore energy. You begin to feel energy. You will find people here that are only using their gifts to make money. They are not really interesting in helping people unless they get paid. It is not wrong to charge people money. People have to have money to survive. It is wrong when that is your sole reason your only focus. You will find people who are using their gifts to cause chaos and harm to others. This is also where lower frequencies of energy exist those that practice dark energy. Those that have decide to use their skills to harm others. Some decide to stay here because they are lazy and don’t want to do the hard work it takes to ascend to a higher dimension. They would rather take a shortcut to the power they crave. They turn to the dark for the power but that is what keeps them stuck in the 4th dimension. It was a trick and they fell for it. True power is in the dimensions above the 4th. To access those dimensions you must have a pure heart and have no desire to harm others. You will pretty much be left alone by the universal dark energies because there is no need to them to interfere. Humans are doing their work for them. When Mother Earth fully ascends to 5th dimension people operating on the 4th dimension. Those that are using their abilities and skills to harm or solely in the pursuit of material gain, will be stripped of their gifts and abilities. They will no longer have access to the energy because they misused it.

The 5th dimension and above consists of those that studied and worked hard. Those that genuinely want to help others. The pure of heart that shed their ego and transcended. They passed the initiations they put in the work and ascended. Of course because the universe is all about balance. There is an opposing dark energy that will try and keep you where you are. This is a universal dark energy  not coming from a human. This universal dark energy will disguise itself to make it seem to be coming from a human to cause chaos and conflict among us. Human dark energy is trapped in the 4th dimension and cannot go above into higher dimension. When you make it to the 5th it is not another human attacking you. It is not possible for someone on the 5th dimension to attack you because to make it to the 5th you have to have that pure heart and a pure heart knows the universal laws and laws of karma. The dark forces of energy on this level will attack you and make it seem like it is coming from another person. This is an illusion that many fall for causing break ups of spiritual partnerships. Turning us against each other so we cannot work together. To keep us alone and isolated so we can’t spread our love and light as far.

There are many that will say if you keep your vibration high you will only attract energy that is high vibrational. This will make some feel bad about themselves thinking they must be doing something wrong. They are still attracting negative energy attacks so they must not have a high vibration. This is not true. High vibrational people do get negative energy attacks. The energy attacking you is high vibrational. The dark forces that exist on the 5th and above. Like does attract like. Your high energy attracts these dark forces because they want to keep you stuck. They want to scare you because fear is the lowest vibration of emotions we can have. When I good at keeping a high vibrational energy the dark forces resorted to trying to scare me. I would be pushed hard I would fall. I never got hurt I never got a scratch or bruise. The fear I felt as I was falling was just enough for them to slip in. I would also have things fly off shelves at me. Dishes would fall out of cabinets and almost hit me. A can of air freshener flew off a shelf and landed at my feet in public. Everyone in the vicinity seen it they all looked at me. I just blew it off and said this happens all the time and everyone went about their business. When pushed and having objects fly at me. I was never harmed. They are never allowed to cause you physical harm. There are universal rules that all energies must go by. A big one is cause no harm. Humans on the 5th dimension and above and the dark forces all must follow this rule. Now can they cause fear and other negative emotions that will affect you which you may feel is harm. Yes, but when you remove all emotions from it and realize it is just energy. It is just energy doing it’s universal job. We are all just playing our role and not take it personal. It becomes a lot easier to deal with. You can ignore the dark refuse to acknowledge it exists. But it does and not embracing the dark will keep you stuck right where you are. It is perfectly fine to stay on the 5th dimension if that is all you want. I have always been that type of person that craves knowledge so in that pursuit of knowledge I ascended. Not everyone is meant to go into the dimensions above the 5th and that is ok. Awoke people are on the 5th. Enlightened people are in the dimensions above. It is in the dimensions above the 5th that so many mysteries will be solved and universal truths will be revealed to you. We are not all meant to become ascended earth masters. Ascended earth masters have achieved full enlightenment.

We do not need an earth filled with ascended earth masters. We need an earth filled with awoke people. That is what will fully anchor Mother Earth in the 5th dimension.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com