Twinflames are the partner we dream of. The other half of us, our ultimate relationship. You have so much in common. A strong connection that can’t be broken. The energy is wild and sweeps you off your feet. You are sure this is the one. Your twinflame. A twinflame is the other half of our soul after it is split in half. Hopefully in this lifetime we find our other half and bring it together to make one soul. We all swooned at the line in Jerry Macguire. Where Tom Cruise say’s to Renee Zellweger “you complete me”. We feel hat we finally found the one that completes us.

Fast forward to months or years of up’s and down’s of heartache and pain. The person you were so sure was your twinflame wasn’t. Why did this happen to me? How could I have been so wrong?

Well your false twinflame is a spiritual kick in the ass. Sent to make you progress on your spiritual journey, Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. You are triggered and healing issues through the whole relationship. The last bit of healing you needed. Whatever issues you haven’t healed will be triggered. Whether it be unhealthy relationships, codependency, low self esteem, boundary issues or just healing you as a person. They will come to you with issues you have already healed. Substance abuse, addictions, childhood abuse etc. They are you before you started your journey. You feel such an overwhelming need to help them. You were them years ago. Maybe with your knowledge you can save them from what you went through. Maybe I can save them from the pain I went through. This is the first clue this is not your twinflame. When you are ready for your twinflame neither of you will be in the need to be saved. You will both be healthy complete individuals.

A relationship with a false twinflame will start out with that blissful honeymoon period. Where everything is perfect and you are ecstatic to have finally meet the one. Then it turns it a relationship full of pain and unhappiness. You may briefly feel the beginning energy again but it won’t last. Whatever you struggled with in your past. You will now go through again but you will be the bystander. While who you thought was perfect for you. Reveals their faults and issues. What is even more painful is you feel a sense of duty to this person. You feel that connection, that is still strong but painful now. Even though it hurts you refuse to give up.

This relationship will end up taking you to the core of all your issues. The issue that fed into your other issues. If you do this relationship right by healing and growing from it. Then all the gifts from that painful relationship and time. Will be given to you.

This will pass and that unbreakable cord. That energetic connection will just dissolve and disappear. Once you have learned all the lessons this person brought to you to learn. That attraction, that desperation to help this person will disappear. You will then realize this was all about helping yourself and healing yourself. It was never about the other person.

Then when you decide to save yourself and let this person go. When you choose yourself. When you have healed and learned all lessons. When you realize you don’t need anyone. You are strong enough to do this alone. You will set yourself free. Your growth and strength will amaze you.

See you never needed anyone to complete you. You were always complete all on your own.

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: