There are actually different kinds of karma that we accumulate.The most important one I have learned to work with is reactive karma. This has helped me break many cycles that have occurring in my life and changed me as a person. 

Reactive karma is how you react to people and situations in your life. Do you find yourself in the same situation over and over. Maybe the person and place has changed but it is the same situation you have always dealt with in your life. You keep getting in the same type of relationship or job situation. Even though you have worked on yourself and really changed as a person. This especially pertains to relationships with family members and toxic unhealthy relationships. These karmic relationships teach us many lessons and to learn them we need to break the cycle.

How to break the cycles of toxic people and situations in your life? You change the way you react. Because if you don’t break the cycle you will continue to attract these situations and people in your life. Until you learn the lesson it will repeat.

I had a cycle of getting into relationships with toxic people who would use me. A lot of these situations turned emotionally, mentally and a few times physically abusive. After 4 years on my spiritual journey I was sure I would no longer attract these relationships but I did. We are told that we attract people that are on the same vibration as us the higher we raise ours. This is not always the case because we still attract people to teach us lessons. These people will not be of the same vibration as you. Everyone is a lesson or a blessings. Your blessings will be the higher vibrational people. Your lessons the lower vibrational people.

I recently discovered a karmic cycle in my life of codependency. I would attract relationships of people that got their selves in situations with their bad life decisions. These people made choices in there past that resulted in them not being able to live the kind of life I felt everyone should be able too. So what would I do I would try to make their life better. I felt sorry for them. One person I thought I was helping but I really wasn’t helping at all. I was actually interfering in her karmic life lesson. Which of course came back on me. I began to feel used and taken advantage of. This was a unhealthy and toxic relationship and situation. She had been using me and I had been using her in a way. I felt good helping her it was my good dead. I was helping someone but I was interfering with her lessons by doing this. She got herself in this situation she needed to get herself out. My helping her was not helping her.

This toxic unhealthy relationship view I had could be traced back to my childhood. My people pleasing behaviors came from trying to please my parents which I never could do. So to stop this cycle I had to change my reaction. Normally I would continue to help someone while feeling bad about it. I would hang in there and not give up. Until I was forced to. Instead I changed my reaction. I told her I could no longer help her. I put myself and my feelings first. I no longer will be in one way relationships. Where I give and they take. This is an unbalanced relationship. I am not saying don’t help people but it should never leave you feeling used and taken advantage of. Since I changed my reaction several other relationships with this dynamic have dropped out of my life. I broke the karmic cycle, I felt like a stronger person.

If you find yourself in a cycle over and over again. Life just keeps repeating situations and people in your life. Just change your reaction and break the cycle. This will create a new healthy life cycle for you. You learned the lesson so it won’t repeat itself again. Love and Light brothers and sisters.

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: